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Letter from the Principal

Dear Visitor,


As the principal of Martin Elementary School, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school.   It is an honor for me to be a member of an experienced staff that works so hard to make sure that each student has an outstanding educational experience.  We are deeply committed to ensure that Martin is a great “Place to Learn.”  Each day students and teachers work hard to create a culture where learning is the top priority.


As an educational team, we at Martin Elementary are dedicated to academic excellence and holding high expectations to ensure that each and every student will be a successful learner.  We are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment where staff and students promote and model responsible, respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning opportunity.   We believe that if children become fluent readers at an early age, they will not only be successful in their learning, but also confident students throughout their academic years.  Students receive whole class, small group, and individual instruction that focuses more in depth on the skill being taught to ensure that students understand and master the skills before moving on.  All students receive a minimum of 90 minutes a day of research based reading instruction by highly qualified teachers.


In addition to the language arts instruction (reading/writing) our students also receive math and social sciences; technology is interwoven within subjects (iPads).  The students also participate in art, music, library, and physical education.  We provide special educational services, speech services and a Gifted and Talented program for those who qualify.  


Our goal is to ensure that our Kindergarten students are strong in all of their basic foundational skills before moving onto first grade.  Martin School has one (1) reading specialist that allows us to analyze the data and reteach skills in smaller groups until we are sure students have mastered grade level appropriate skills.  We provide this smaller groups instruction though the Response to Intervention (RtII) framework.


Along with academic excellence, Martin Elementary is also committed to the social and emotional needs of our students.  This year our school has started to implemented the PBIS (Positive Behaviors Interventions Support) framework to establish our school wide behavioral expectations. Martin School’s expectations for all students are:  to be safe, responsible, respectful, and ready to learn.  

These expectations are reinforced in all of the students’ classes and throughout the school by all of the Martin staff.


Our goal is for your child to have a wonderful first school experience at Martin Elementary School. Please partner with us in making sure your child grows, learns, and has a positive experience in school!!

I would encourage you to visit our school website throughout the year to stay informed regarding activities and resources that are available at Martin Elementary. Additionally, you are always welcome to visit Martin Elementary and find out in person about the educational opportunities that are being provided for our students.



Mrs. Nicole Bitar